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Forever and always #scullyeye #BAE


    Forever and always #scullyeye #BAE

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  2. Alison Bechdel Wins MacArthur Genius Grant | Vulture

    I’ve helped her numerous times when I worked in a liquor store.

    I never bothered her, but would tell friends that I helped Allison Bechdel.

    They’d inevitably ask we talked about boys.

    Good for you Bechdel.

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  3. "[She bites God in the wrist]"
    - stage direction from Artaud’s The Jet of Blood  (via mirroir)

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  4. FDR


  5. Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a big day.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a big day.

  6. Currently Glitter.

    Currently Glitter.

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